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The most in-demand jobs in Italy in 2024


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The job market in Italy appears to be increasingly dynamic. But what jobs are high in-demand in Italy? The most in-demand jobs in Italy are diverse, reflecting the country’s economic landscape and evolving priorities. Let’s take a closer look at the most in-demand jobs in Italy in 2024, including high demand jobs in Italy for foreigners.

Work in Italy: Graduates wanted 

Companies operating in Italy are increasingly looking for qualified workers. This includes those with degrees in economics, degrees in statistics and law, as well as technical profiles with degrees in medicine, biochemistry and engineering.

Which jobs will be most in demand in Italy in 2024

Here is the run-down of which profiles are most sought-after by companies in Italy in 2024:

Manual workers

Among the most sought-after profiles in Italy, especially in the business environment, are those who carry out some sort of manual labour, such as welders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, workers specialised in repairing telecommunications equipment and installers. Job listings for this type of work are published mainly in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto and are on the increase. As in many cases workers in this sector are qualified personnel with many years of experience behind them, companies are keen to invest.


Among the professional figures increasingly valued by companies are drivers. The competition, it must be emphasised, is tough in this sector. The variant that makes the difference is the type of licence one holds. In the case of passenger transport, working hours tend to be stable, bus drivers for example. It is a different matter when it comes  to goods transport, where hourly flexibility is welcome, given that on a daily basis you find yourself in different places, especially if you travel long distances. In this case, loading and unloading of goods, which must be intact on departure and arrival, are also part of the tasks

Marketing professionals

Companies in Italy across various industries require skilled professionals to drive sales and marketing efforts. Roles such as sales representatives, marketing managers, and digital marketers are consistently sought after.

Those working in the field of marketing are concerned with examining the needs of consumers and customers (current and potential), implementing strategies with which companies increase sales, profits and turnover. To fully realise these ambitious goals, it is necessary to do market research, make improvements to product design, outline a clear brand identity, focus on distribution, make brand positioning clear, choose pricing, and devise promotional strategies.

There are numerous roles that marketing professionals have in business, and in Italy this is also a high demand job for foreigners given the need for a high level of English. Marketing specialists, for example, improve products, pricing, distribution and communication strategies; e-commerce specialists make websites more functional and easier to navigate, making it more likely that online transactions will be completed; web content specialists write quality content, aimed at capturing the attention of readers who are always potential customers; SEO specialists, through the creation of original content with a high emotional impact, optimise keywords and ensure that websites rank better on search engines.


Nowadays, there is increasing talk of engineering and engineers 4.0. Their role can in no way be limited to the purely technical aspect, as they are consultants in their own right who must be able to guide companies in a highly competitive and dynamic economic environment as never before.

The eco-bonus and the 110% super-bonus in Italy have only increased the demand for engineers. Professionals specialised in robotics, machine learning and energy are being sought. Robotics engineers are in charge of designing, building and testing robots. Machine learning engineers have many years of experience in IT and focus on the study of predictive models and the development of artificial intelligence systems. In order to simulate human behaviour and reasoning, it is crucial to be familiar with algorithms.

In the future, topics such as neural networks and computer vision will play an increasingly pivotal role in Italian society. Energy engineers are in charge of testing systems and plants. Their demand is quite strong in the energy supply industry and in companies that have energy production as their core business. Exploiting renewable energy sources, especially with a view to sustainability and optimisation of energy consumption, will be an integral part of their tasks.

Tourism and hospitality jobs

Italy’s tourism industry is a significant contributor to its economy. Jobs in hospitality, including hotel management, tour guides, and restaurant staff, remain in demand, particularly in tourist hotspots like Rome, Florence, and Venice.

One of the jobs needed in Italy most is waiters. The catering and hospitality sector in Italy always offers a lot of options, especially in tourist resorts. The figure of the waiter remains one of the most sought-after in restaurants and hotels with bars and cafés. Positive contact with the public and customer satisfaction are among the goals they must pursue. In particular, waiters have to know how to prepare the venue in the best possible way, paying close attention to tables, utensils, kitchen orders, food and drinks. Their duties also include dealing with any complaints.

Jobs in demand in Italy

It’s important to note that the demand for specific jobs can vary depending on regional economic conditions, industry trends, and government policies. Additionally, factors such as language proficiency, education, and experience can significantly impact an individual’s employability in Italy

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