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Your March 2024 Horoscope by Elle Decor Italia


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No one, apart from myself, knows or could know whether this horoscope was written by a human being or with the use of artificial intelligence.

I could insert meaningless symbols — Kkk – ?^! – w% — claiming that a machine would never resort to such tactics, but how do you know that it couldn’t learn?

And what about hybrid creations, where we humans enter the equation as nothing more than proofreaders?

Why should we take the time, today, to write a horoscope? Or to write in general for that matter?

Sooner or later, every ethical question is intertwined with the issue of truth — a fundamental problem found in the Aquarius/Leo axis, in which the artificial, the immaterial and the technological are opposed to authenticity and the heart. We therefore find ourselves at the beginning of a new world, whose rules are yet to be written (or eliminated?), divided between the excitement of a new tool with infinite potential and the fear of being crushed and enslaved by it, all while shrouded in the inability to distinguish between what’s true and what’s false, unwitting builders of a new Platonic cave illuminated by an artificial Sun.

Today, then, we dedicate our March 2024 horoscope to some of the world’s greatest architectural wonders, which as far as we know are real and therefore “true” according to a certain philosophy, inviting people to visit them, to touch, smell, observe, feel and enjoy — to keep the senses alive and fend off the drowsiness of reason. ç*°))ù+

*Certificate of authentic writing.

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Aries

Mars and Mercury are on your side. You are the bold, direct action that doesn’t follow the trends of the moment. You are bored with the world of those who follow in someone else’s footsteps, with the same words, same attitudes, and same haircut. You prefer to be followed, some day, perhaps when they’ve digested your unabashed authenticity. And by then, you’ll be on a different path. Monumental and going against the grain, with a divine touch, like Le Corbusier’s 1954 Notre-Dame de Ronchamp.


Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Taurus

Stand the test of time — a time that continues to flow, though no one has quite figured out what it is. Resist the uncertainty of the unknown, with the certainty that the unknown exists, though it’s not necessarily against you. Resist a change of direction without changing form, because you are still yourself even when they speak to you, think about you, and love you in a new way. Round, unwavering and welcoming, just like the Colosseum in Rome, which was once frequented as a place of combat, and today loved as an eternal symbol.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 toropinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Gemini

You lack no courage, propelled by an acrobatic Mars trigon that moves you into the world and among people, with a social and sophisticated edge that’s envied by many. Your words hit the mark, your actions never falter, and the everyday ticks away faster than predicted. There is, however, an undercurrent that begs for attention — a latent dissatisfaction and a restlessness that urges change, a veiled sense of sentimental boredom. A new direction shouldn’t be an escape, but an evolution of that which exists. You’ll find inspiration in London’s modern and majestic Shard.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 gemellipinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Cancer

Direct communication troubles you. Rather than say, you prefer to hint. Rather than argue, you prefer to evade. There is always another plan — subtle, elusive and powerful — behind your words. There are also infinite plans in your silences. Mercury in quadrature allows you to be neither silent nor easily understood. It’s a fast-flowing passage, however, that doesn’t shake your recently gained confidence, your solidity or your sense of accomplishment in the least. Silent kisses at the feet of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, a flower-inspired giant.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 cancropinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Leo

In empty, strange, incoherent hours, you happen to feel feverish. Removing your head from the game isn’t easy. When you aren’t engulfed by events, you’re enraptured by emotions — so much so that the sense of unshakable and absolute unity on which your ego rests may stagger or worry. Supporting you is an excellent Mercury, guaranteeing a way of thinking that keeps its distance and recognizes genuine insights. Even the spectacular Sydney Opera House had to struggle before it established itself as the most popular performance hall. Be patient.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 leonepinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Virgo

Love as passion, love as confusion. Love as carnal or poetic? Love that liberates and yet compels. Part of you wanders along unexpected detours and moments of fantasy to compensate for your hours of commitment. Then you return to the present, reckoning and reasoning, scrutinizing and analyzing the feeling, the spoken word, the tone of voice, and the indication of politeness, which has dramatically fallen off. And so the heart hurries back to dreaming, which is a refuge — fantastic and disruptive — full of a distant and imaginary stillness. Poised between dream and reality, in Moscow’s Red Square, before St. Basil’s Cathedral.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 verginepinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Libra

There’s a reason why everyone has been enchanted by the Taj Mahal for centuries. Its snow-white symmetry, its delicate profile and its soft authority resemble your modus vivendi.

They may try to disrespect you, but they’ll be disappointed in the face of a firm and peaceful response. They may question the details, lay their eyes on the words you have spoken or kept silent, that you have weighed well or ill, but they will come up against the purity of your honor, which is never merely a façade, but the expression of a soul that’s beautiful and pure in substance.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 bilanciapinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Scorpio

It would be strange not to see you, in those places you’ve inhabited and frequented for years. From the first day a symbiosis was born, between you and that particular space, you have grown together, you have changed brick by brick, beat by beat. They’re the same places from which you always dream of leaving, and from which, however, you can never leave. The same goes for your love, never too definitive and always guarded. “It has completely changed the landscape…in Bilbao you have the feeling of being in the wrong place if you don’t see it,” says Bergdoll of the Guggenheim.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 scorpionepinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Sagittarius

They’ve dedicated songs to you, written emotional letters about you and talked of you — and not always well. You are a presence that imposes itself, not overbearingly, but enthusiastically, thanks to that incredible and natural lust for life that overwhelms and pulverizes the hours and miles. Saturn, Neptune and Venus are strong winds that swing between insecurities and ill-advised decisions, but you never let shadows darken your smile. With an open heart full of confidence, you stand proud and tall like the Empire State Building. If ever a mistake should happen, there will always be a solution.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 sagittariopinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Capricorn

It’s you who dictate time, like Big Ben, from the height of the experience you’ve gained and the experience you had at birth. Those who think of stealing your moment and burning your word or opportunity today and tomorrow, don’t know that they will find you much further ahead with plenty of important successes. Forward-thinking and tenacious, you gloss over the quick quadratures from Aries in the form of boring arguments. Your clock has a perfect cadence that mesmerizes onlookers, and on some sunny days you might even wink at those who send you kisses from below.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 capricornopinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Aquarius

Relentless, just like the ideas, proposals and innovations you launch into the world. Mars and Mercury make you less diplomatic than usual, now fed up with people’s slowness and boring old habits. You would sweep everything away, but it’s clear from the beginning that only a select few have the courage to create new ways and worlds, leaving the comfort of old certainties and giving up blissful sleep, protected by the royalty of the golden leaves of some Versailles. Fear is capable of erecting opulent and violent walls. Go around the obstacle.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 aquariopinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

Your March 2024 Horoscope: Pisces

Your philosophy is to stay within the current, open to possibilities and allowing creativity to seep in, without your skin, customs, walls and judgments drawing a boundary between the world as a container and life as the content. Jupiter and Mercury support you as you surrender to the experience of every feeling, without resistance. You are perfectly integrated into your environment, much like Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute — monumental and symmetrical, never rigid, in perfect dialogue with the poetry of nature.

l'oroscopo di marzo 2024 pescipinterest

Carla Di Benedetto

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