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Why 2 in 3 want to ‘be more Italian’ in their approach to life


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By Rob Knight via SWNS

Two-thirds of adults want to “be more Italian” in their approach to life.

A poll, of 2,000 adults, found 67% are keen to adopt aspects of the Mediterranean country’s way of life, sometimes referred to as “la dolce vita.”

Around half (44%), who feel this way, are keen to emulate the way Italians take time to enjoy food – while 33% would like to spend more time with family, and 16% would like to have the same passion for style.

More than half (59%) admit they are increasingly fed-up of the UK’s fast-paced lifestyle, as they have little time to stop and live in the moment.

Following the findings, the ‘La Dolce Vita Guide‘ has been launched which features 35 tips on how to live like an Italian.

It reveals why rollneck sweaters are the way forward, ties are a ‘no-no’, how to keep your coffee fresh, and how to make the perfect Negroni.

Two thirds of adults want to ‘be more Italian’ in their approach to life. (SWNS)

Named after the Italian phrase meaning ‘the sweet life,’ the guide also explains why you should cook pizza in a frying pan if you lack a pizza oven.

The guide was developed by FIAT in conjunction with eight leading experts on Italian living, culture and lifestyle.

Experts include Pizza Pilgrims’ founders Thom and James Elliot, David Cutler from Lavazza, chef Gio Renzo Fioraso, men’s fashion designer Luca Faloni, female stylist Sofia Lazzari, and mixologist, Pietro Rizzo.

Giuseppe Cava, director for the Italian car brand, said: “Fiat’s brand values focus on colour, joy and simplicity.

“Those values are inherent in the Italian way of living, therefore we designed our La Dolce Vita guide to help individuals embrace a more Italian way of life and enjoy a taste of Italy in the UK.

“We selected a team of Italian lifestyle experts based in the UK, who worked alongside us to offer practical and accessible tips that can be effortlessly integrated into anyone’s routine.”

Research of 2,000 adults by Fiat found 67% find the Italian way of life an appealing prospect.

Almost half (49%) would like to eat more fresh, local produce, while 31% would like to spend more time in the countryside.

And 26% want to take the same pride in their cultural heritage as Italians do.

Similarly, 23% would like to be more outwardly affectionate.

Why 2 in 3 want to ‘be more Italian’ in their approach to life


Carried out through OnePoll, the poll revealed 54% have been to Italy, on average three times – and 90% are keen to go again in the future.

For 36%, their trip to the country famous for its Renaissance masterpieces, fashion, cuisine, and beautiful coastline, was so impactful it inspired them to rethink their entire approach to life.

And 45% of those who feel this way said their visit made them want to slow down and simply live in the moment – in keeping with the ‘La Dolce Vita’ philosophy.

Elsewhere, 42% said their trip made them want to savour things more and the same number (42%) said they now felt more inclined to find beauty in the small things.

Giuseppe Cava, of FIAT UK, makers of the electric 500e, new 600e and the Topolino, added: “We are slightly biased, but we certainly wouldn’t dispute the findings.

“Italy is renowned as the ‘land of colour’ and we are basing our Fiat strategy on this concept, offering ‘No More Grey’ cars”.

“While the best place to be more ‘La Dolce Vita’ is Italy, there’s no reason much of that outlook to life can’t be appreciated and enjoyed more in the UK. We hope our guide will inspire Brits to do this.”

  1. Eat more local, fresh produce
  2. Have lunch or dinner outside
  3. Take time to enjoy food
  4. Live at a slower pace
  5. Spend time in outdoor cafes/restaurants
  6. Develop a passion for cooking
  7. Focus on eating healthy food and a balanced diet
  8. Spend more time with family
  9. Share food with large groups of people – like friends and family
  10. Visit and spend time in the countryside
  11. Be more romantic/passionate
  12. Live close to family
  13. Take time to appreciate the moment
  14. Appreciate the ‘little things’
  15. Be proud of cultural heritage
  16. Stay closer to nature
  17. Enjoy music
  18. Demonstrate more love and affection
  19. Strengthen connections to the local community
  20. Relax and ‘go with the flow’ in social situations

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