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Weekly Career Horoscope: 22nd to 28th April 2024


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Start your new week with a little heads-up. You could be a student or a professional, a slight path guidance can always help. So, here is your weekly career horoscope, as predicted by Tarot Card Reader Kishori Sud:


New beginnings or new ideas are indicated. You are probably not walking that line due to certain inhibitions but this week, the universe is all in when it comes to support.


Taurus, this week is going to be about being in sync with your seniors, the real deal. There may be some questions about your strategies but as long as you deliver what you promised in a good condition, foolproof way, you will be sorted.


You may not like what you are getting on your plate at work or as a student, but remember that this is just a phase, it shall pass and you will certainly get a hang on why it all happened. Wear green or white this week in different hues.


For most of these seven days, you may feel that people around you got off from the wrong side of the bed, and the pattern may even confuse you. Worry not, it is not your problem. Do not let small things bother you. Keep working at your pace and do your work diligently and you will be fine.


Dear Leo, you will have a smooth week as long as you do not overthink certain situations at work or in your student life. Those pursuing new courses or even remotely considering something new, go for it. Keep a pyrite stone near you or even Citrine crystal can do wonders.


You may be nonchalant about certain things you do but you are being noticed or watched. Playing mind games may become a necessity but do not make anything complicated. A clear quartz bracelet or pendant is advised.


Someone close to you may ditch you. You may be thrown under the bus too. Are you too trusting?


Lying and deceit are in your cards and they have a clear message of betrayal. This could be you betraying yourself or someone close to you, or vice-versa.


Being righteous is fine but not in today’s time where people find solace in the grey area. It is time to pull up your socks and change certain patterns.


You will have a good, fruitful week at work or as a student. Your ability to complete projects with determination is a gift that will come in very handy.


The coming seven days are going to be very busy for you. You may think you have everything under control but small tasks will take up all your time.


This week, Pisces, there is a lot you need to finish and your cards suggest this time window is crucial for your growth in your career. Don’t waste a single minute.

Kishori Sud is a certified Tarot card reader and if you are looking for affordable personal readings then DM her on her EnigmaTarotTribe on Instagram.

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