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Want to live in Italy? Now you can with its new digital nomad visa


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Say ciao to a life in Italy.

 It’s official, it just got a little easier to live and work in Italy. If you’ve ever moved to another country you know the perils of having to apply for visas – the endless paperwork, exxy immigration lawyers, all while trying to secure a place to stay and job (if you don’t already have them lined up). It’s no easy feat. But Italy is changing all that with the introduction of its new annual digital nomad visa. 

The long-awaited visa has finally arrived. It lasts for a year and with it you can live anywhere you like in the stunning country. Is Lake Como calling? Done. Maybe you want to live six months in Puglia and head north for the winter? Approved. While it does come with a set of rules, they are nowhere near as hard to meet as a regular working visa. 

Applicants must have an annual income of at least three times the minimum level for exemption from participation in healthcare costs in Italy, which is about $46,000. Those that apply will also need to secure their own health insurance. Digital nomads applying must also have a squeaky clean criminal record, with no previous convictions. 

Those who work on the go will also need to prove they have suitable accommodation for the length of the stay and also that they have been a digital nomad or remote worker elsewhere for at least six months prior. 

Of course, the application will need to be processed through the Italian consulate and through a valid diplomatic-consular office.

Family members of the visa-holders are welcome to bring family members with them but will need to be approved by Italy’s police headquarters for security reasons. 

Vieste. Italian village, Southern Italy. Source: iStock

Once the digital nomad visa ends after a year, applicants can reapply, but only if the conditions and requirements that allowed it to be issued persist. As of April 4, applications are being accepted by the Italian consulate for the digital nomad visa. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start living la dolce vita.

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