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The most intelligent zodiac signs, ranked from highest to lowest


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When it comes to the most intelligent zodiac signs, we all want to come out on top. However, it helps to bear in mind that intellect needn’t sit in one Sheldon Cooper-sized pigeonhole. Indeed, some signs are blessed with higher brainpower, while others are better at reading a situation and having empathy for others’ feelings. Read on to know which form of intelligence is your zodiac sign’s strongest suit:


No prizes for guessing that Aquarians are leading the pack when it comes to the most intelligent zodiac signs. Beyond just mere bookish knowledge, they are known for their analytical skills and knack for seeing things that others tend to miss.


You know of them as perfectionists but when you think about it, Virgos are also blessed with an annoyingly infallible sense of logic and practicality, which, coupled with their unerring eye for detail, makes them sharp as a tack. 


Intense and passionate, yes; but a Scorpio is probably the first person you ring in your contact book when you want to know if your ex is seeing someone new. An expert at reading people and seeing through pretences, there is nothing that can get their brain juices flowing as quickly as knowing there is a mystery to be solved. 


Not just a pretty face, this one! Gemini may have a well-earned reputation as the social butterfly of the zodiac sphere but they are also quick on their feet when it comes to processing complex information. 


Practical and disciplined to a fault, it is this methodical approach to troubleshooting problems that makes them an asset in the workplace. In the personal sphere, you probably find yourself dialling a Capricorn when you need someone to give you the truth sans the sugar coating. 


It’s hard to get one past Aries—their street smarts are complimented by a razor-sharp wit that they are willing to dole out in liberal doses for anyone who runs afoul of their short fuse.


Symbolised by the scales, Libras are unsurprisingly balanced and objective in their viewpoint on the world. This inner sense of harmony also allows them to respond to everyday challenges in a thought-out manner, rather than making impulse decisions. 


Intelligence comes in different forms, and Taureans are known for their emotional savvy that is equal parts self-awareness—knowing how to read and comprehend their own emotions—as well as empathy and seeing what others don’t show. 


It would be easy to dismiss this free-spirited sign as an airhead and it would also be wrong. A Sagittarian is always keen on expanding their horizons and looking to inform themselves about newer places, cultures and lifestyles. 


It doesn’t matter what a Leo does or does not know—in the eyes of the world, they have it all figured out. As natural leaders, they are adept at putting forth a confident facade that isn’t easy to pick apart. Fake it till you make it, right? 


If Cancer isn’t ranking higher on this list, it isn’t because they are deficient in the smartness stakes, it’s just that their compassionate nature simply means that their emotions can tend to cloud their judgement. 


Now, don’t you go about referring to Pisces as “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”. Yes, they might tend to be the last ones in the room to get the joke but that is because their imagination is a whimsical, magical place where they can construct an entire universe. 

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