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“That’s a Concerning Statement to Read”: Cowboys Legend ‘Frightens’ NFL World With CTE Remarks


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Recently CTE has emerged as the biggest fear among NFL players. It is at the center of discussions regarding the health and safety of the players, and rightfully so. The most common reason for CTE would be being susceptible to repetitive brain trauma.

CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a type of brain disorder that may lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, aggression, and mood swings. The most common reason for CTE is repetitive brain trauma.

According to a research program by Boston university, 345 former NFL players were diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) out of 376 former players studied. As per the research, over ninety percent of the sample space had fallen to CTE.


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Amidst all the talks around CTE, former Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith also opened up on his own concerns.

 Emmitt Smith’s fears are a matter of concern for fans

The fifteen-year NFL veteran recently opened up on the impact his past might end up having on his future. The Hall of Fame running back will forever be cherished by fans as the workhouse of the Dallas Cowboys offense, winning three Super Bowls in the process.


Shocking CTE Report Emerges a Year After The Death of 2x Pro Bowler NFL Vet

4 days ago

In an interaction with the Palm Beach Post, Smith said, “When you see all the CTE stuff that’s come out, I‘d be naïve to think if I keep living, I’ll have a normal life going forward.

Smith’s remarks have however seen a ton of support from the loyal Cowboys fanbase.

One user deemed the entire statement as ‘concerning’.

While several fans hoped otherwise.

Many fans expressed their grief over the situation.

All the messages directed at the Cowboys legend prove the fact that even after all these years later, people still appreciate and love the man.

His love for the game


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Emmitt Smith, however, has zero regrets for his playing days and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

He also intends to let his son play to his heart’s content, as such is the beauty of the sport.

During his interaction with Palm Beach Post, Smith added, “I’ll tell you right now I don’t know a football player who hasn’t had at least one (concussion), We all get dinged. I’ve had two that I know of, that I can recall when they were. I also can tell you there’s a number of times I got hit and had to shake my head a couple of times to get the cobwebs out and get back focused. It’s part of the game.


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Smith seems to have accepted whatever fate has in store for him, but it is still the league’s responsibility to come up with safety precautions in order to avoid further damage.

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