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‘Stealing My Heart Too’- Tennis World Goes Gaga Over Italian Tennis Beauty’s Classic Sibling Mischief


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Siblings all over the world have similar tendencies. And that stays true for top tennis players too. Recently, Italian tennis star Camila Giorgi pulled off something like that with her brother. And the best part is, she boasted about it too. This audaciously hilarious act turned into a fashion statement for Giorgi, and the fans have had an equally hilarious reaction to the situation. Speculating her brother’s reaction, fans have made it even more engaging.

Her stunning looks have always garnered a lot of response from her fans, and this time too, they did not hold back from showering praises on her.

Fans go berserk over Camila Giorgi pulling a classic sibling act


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The Italian tennis player is a beautiful fashionista when she is not smashing shots on the court. And this time around, she stunned her fans as well as her brother.

She took to her Facebook to share a picture where she wore a beautiful look in a black leather jacket. Turned out it was not hers. She stated, “I stole my brother’s jacket,” proving the fact that siblings around the world are exactly the same.

Fans showered a lot of praise on her and stated, “I think you probably look better in it than he does.”

Another fan raved about her beauty and stated, “You look great in everything”, while the other one completed her statement and stated, “…and made it look better.”

One cheesy fan had something toe-curling to say. It stated, “Looks better on you anyways. Such a thief stealing my heart too.”



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Apparently, this was not it. Some fans had an equally hilarious reaction to her outfit. One stated, “You should have stolen some trousers too.”

Commenting on the same thing, one fan jokingly commented, “Did he steal your pants.” Jokingly mocking the misery of her brother, one fan stated, “Poor brother checking for his black jacket finds it’s missing again.” 


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So the fact has been proved yet again. Wherever you go in the world, siblings stay the same.

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