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Spalletti: ’70-80% of Italy squad decided for Euro 2024’


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Luciano Spalletti has already started to draw up his Italy squad for the upcoming European Championship, suggesting that ‘20% of the list is open’ to those who have proven themselves.

The Azzurri need to produce a definitive response at the fast-approaching tournament in Germany next month following their painful World Cup qualification failure, which saw the team miss out on the 2022 edition in Qatar after falling to North Macedonia in the playoffs.

Spalletti took over the Italy national team fresh off the back of his historic Scudetto success with Napoli, restoring some faith in the Azzurri after the downturn turn of the Roberto Mancini era. Hopes are high for the defending champions as they look to prove themselves once again on the international stage under Spalletti.

Spalletti considerations

Speaking at the Vivo Azzurro TV presentation via TMW, Spalletti first discussed his position and mindset as the Italy coach.

“I’ve said several times that I’ve been very lucky to do this job here and I’ve almost always been happy. When it comes to victory and defeat, I see two sides of the same coin, it creates those situations around you that don’t let you be yourself.

“You cannot live in victory or defeat, you must live in balance. I can’t wait to share this passion for the Azzurri shirt with all Italians. For me it will be fundamental to return to Italy and hear the Italian people tell us ‘we are proud of you’.

“In football there are situations that can change destiny, for example Tardelli controlled that ball badly in 1982, then picked up the pace and found the goal. He took that little step to coordinate himself and find the goal.”

Spalletti then spoke about the meaning of wearing the Italy shirt and his squad considerations ahead of the European Championship.

“The Azzurri shirt is not only worn during the two hours of training or matches, but it is worn for 24 hours a day, even working overtime for a couple of hours more a day.

“We’ve not yet been good at creating a new style, we’ve remained with our tradition, and we’ve not put a bit of technology into it, like Vivo Azzurro TV has done for example.

“We still have some steps to make important, despite the compliments that must be paid to our teams who are at the highest European level even playing a certain level of football.

“I close myself in my house and try to realize minute by minute what the time we’ll spend in Germany will be like, we have this window open to our athletes, we mustn’t give the feeling of dealing with spoiled children, but of dealing with very serious professionals.

“Then I am there to perfect this squad, 70 to 80% of it is already done, however, there is this 20% open to embrace those who show us that they want to be part of it or to let out those who think that this shirt is just a little game.

“Compliments must be given to Bologna for the football they have shown, as well as Atalanta and Inter. There are some situations that don’t go as we would like and that are not real compared to the value of the teams or the coach who leads these teams.”

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