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“She’s Such a Character!”: Danielle Collins Breaks Internet With Showtime Tennis at Italian Open 2024


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After two back-to-back ATP Titles in Miami and Charleston, Danielle Collins has made it to the semifinals of the Italian Open 2024. But again, more than her performances, he continues to be in the spotlight due to her expressive nature. During her match against Victoria Azarenka, Danielle Collins went along with the boorish crowd and much like Novak Djokovic, mocked them with a smile and hand reactions.

At the start of the second set, a member from the crowd just made a loud whistle. Collins, instead of losing her temper, just waved her arms with a sarcastic smile. Recently, she lashed out in Madrid with a fiery response to the crowd too.

But there have been many instances before as well, which show her love-hate relationship with crowds. However, Collins is smart enough to use it to her advantage.

The Tennis Letter wrote, “Danielle Collins’ reaction to someone whistling after she shanked a ball. Danielle is the main character. That’s all.”

Fans on social media have shown their support for Danielle Collins. Collins’ feisty character has entertained and inspired many. Here are some of the comments in her favor:

“Omg I’m actually in love with her”

“She’s such a character, she shouldn’t retired, just take a long break”

“I cannot wait to see the semi!!!! She’s the best player on tour right now”

“Even better that she won lol stick it up the haters”

“She’s been always gorgeous to me , but lately showing his real character she’s even more”

But that small blip during the match wasn’t the end of it. Collins was clearly quite upset deep down, and it was evident during her interview right after the match.

In what seemed like a harmless question at first, became an annoying one for Collins. Her response courted controversy for the manner in which she made it.

Danielle Collins Gave It Back to the Interviewer in Style

Right after her win against Azarenka, Collins, still tired from her match, faced a question from the on-court local interviewer.

The interviewer asked, “As you said, this will be your last season, and you are playing an amazing season. Maybe because it’s your last year, you are playing a little bit more free without so many pressure?”

Danielle Collins answered, “I’m not sure like what that means, like ‘playing more free’. I mean, I’ve put so much hard at work into this over the years and you know, my success is a product of that. I hope people can respect that.”

After that, the female reporter wished her the best and Collins thanked her. Danielle Collins was extremely annoyed with the suggestion or indication that only because it’s her final year of professional tennis that she is playing her best. That connection didn’t bode well with her.

Although her response courted controversy, Collins has been lauded for showing her authentic self and taking no rubbish thrown at her. The American player is on a roll, but has a tough test to pass in the form of Australian Open champion and World No.2, Aryna Sabalenka in the semifinals on Friday.

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