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Secrets zodiac signs don’t want you to know about them


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Aries: Though they might appear to be very self-confident, if you look closer you will see them doubting themselves at times. They always act like they know what to do ahead but sometimes it’s okay to not be ready with the next step in our hands.

They do have insecurities but only the ones really close to them would know about any. (Rawpixel)

Taurus: Hiding emotions is something Taureans are highly familiar with. They are pros at hiding their sadness behind their full-blown smiles.

Gemini: Geminis are very soft-hearted people in their personal lives. They get hurt by people leaving them behind and moving on which is difficult for them. Even after multiple heartbreaks they go out and live their lives as if nothing happened.

Cancer: Cancerians have a good sense of humour, but they use it to hide their vulnerability. They tend to act as if they are rough and nothing affects them when it’s actually the opposite.

Leo: Leos are some of the most tender-hearted people you will ever meet. They do have insecurities but only the ones really close to them would know about any. They act so confident, one would be in awe of them.

Virgo: Have you fallen for someone and yet not told them ever? Virgos are the same. They often hide the fact that they like or love someone in the fear of rejection or commitment.

Libra: Libras are used to being hurt by people’s actions or words. They try not to expect anything from their relationships. If you hurt them, they might as well not tell you, to make you think that it didn’t bother them.

Scorpio: Scorpios are really competitive. Jealousy is an emotion they find hard to control. They can be jealous but will try to act unaffected.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are usually very optimistic. They don’t get angry easily but once they do, it is very difficult to get back in their good books. They usually try to hide their anger from people knowing they won’t be able to control it.

Capricorn: Capricorns are so used to being strong and independent that speaking about their worries or emotions with others. They absolutely detest being vulnerable and letting their guard down. But, Capricorns people can be your allies too.

Aquarius: Aquarians are smart. They might hate you to their core and still talk to you like they talk to everyone else. Their hatred towards you could be so hidden you wouldn’t even know about it at all.

Pisces: Pisces are extremely emotional in their connections. They can’t handle grief of any kind. A breakup or the death of a loved one could make them cry any moment you mention it. They bottle up their emotions and leave them to deal with later on.

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