RECOM Technologies, a leading renewable energy company and the only European Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module manufacturer, announces that the Puma Double Glass PV modules have acquired Fire Safety Class 1 Certification having completed all relevant testing. This is the highest fires safety certification that is required in Italy for PV installations, meaning that only certified PV modules of FireClass 1 may be installed in the market.

According to test standard UNI9174, PUMA shingled technology series are FireClass certified from the Italian test institute CSI S.p.A. meeting the prerequisites of speed, flame propagation, dripping behaviour and afterglow. This certification is further proof of our commitment to provide best in quality products and our expertise to meet the required needs per specific market.

Country-specific provisions may be more strict than EU standards. Fire safety plays a significant role, and in some countries like in Italy, particularly when it has to do with photovoltaic panels there are stricter national fire prevention requirements than the EU standard. If a product is certified by the CSI test laboratories, it means that all necessary tests have been performed to prove that all mandatory requirements of the certification regulation and all applicable standards have been met.

With 25 years product warranty, RECOM’s shingled technology PUMA series modules (435-450Wp for residential and 660-675Wp for utility) provide superior results in all performance parameters. With fewer gaps and a larger active area, the PUMA series boasts high module efficiency up to 21,7%. Apart from high power (up to 675Wp) and low temperature coefficient (-0.34), the modules have lower resistive losses, reduced risk of micro cracks, higher cells density and improved aesthetics. They also have 5% higher generation per unit area and the unique characteristic of energy generation in cloudy condition (80% better performance under the shade). The PUMA solar modules are the ideal solution for residential, commercial and utility scale installations that aim for high efficiency, durability and low-cost.

This is an important milestone for our team, but our goal is to always provide the highest quality standard for all of our products. With this certificate Recom underlines the high-quality standard of Puma Double Glass PV modules.