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Pisces Season Is Bringing Big Feelings. What to Expect Based on Your Sign


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Pisces feel everything. Not in a crybaby sense, though that’s popular meme material. I mean Pisces feel everything: they’re constantly aware of it all. 

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune, the representative of psychic intuition. Like their symbol, the fish, they are fully submerged in their environments. They’re attuned to every little current and eddy of their surroundings. It’s like a constant radar scan; they can’t switch it off. They always sense when there’s a shark or a shipwreck looming up ahead, drawing them toward danger. They might not know exactly what the problem is, or why it threatens them, but they always know it’s there.

Individual Pisces cope with the burden of their extrasensory perception in different ways. Some of them embrace spirituality and simply accept that they experience the world in a way other signs do not. Rational-brained Pisces trend even weirder. They spend a lot of time retroactively coming up with logical explanations and justifications for their mysterious insights, which ironically lends them more of a wild-haired scientist vibe.

Every Pisces boasts a distinct aesthetic unique to themselves. There are stylish people born to every sign in the zodiac, but when you spot someone on the street and think “whoa, that’s a character,” it’s safe to assume they’ve got some Pisces in their chart. You could take literally any Pisces Sun in their going-out look, plunk them in the middle of a high-budget fictional fantasy universe, and they’d somehow fit in perfectly by virtue of their eccentricity. A Pisces could suddenly teleport to the deck of a 31st-century spaceship in the Crab Nebula, clad in vinyl leggings and a body harness, and somebody in power armor would approach and ask them to interpret prophetic signs and portents for an impending cosmic battle.  

As for the stereotype about Pisces being over-sensitive and weepy, that’s a mean-spirited simplification. Pisces are sensitive, and it sucks to be upset and then have some asshole stroll by and chortle that your feelings aren’t legitimate. Pisces’ intuition gives them with a sense of responsibility for events outside their own control. Remember that scene in Titanic where the captain, having dismissed warnings about the ship’s safety measures to maintain social propriety, waits for the ocean water to burst through the windows of his sinking cabin? That’s a Pisces when something they knew would go wrong does indeed go wrong, but they went ahead and did it anyway. Not even a fish could emerge from that rush of icy water unaffected! 

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