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Monthly Career Horoscope: March 2023


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Pisces, the onset of spring is bringing with itself the reminder of your inherent manifestation abilities. New opportunities don’t always need to come from an external source – though you should always keep your eyes and ears open for them. Your thoughts create your reality, beautiful. So remember this is a time where you have all the ingredients to make magic, to take the seeds of an idea and give it roots into the real world. Sagittarius, you are stepping into the portal of mystery. The Universe is calling on you to trust your instinct, rely on gut feelings more than what you think you ‘should’ be. You may not see the end results just yet but that shouldn’t stop you from imagining the best possible outcome for your endeavours. Expect questions of worth to arise this month, Capricorn. Not in the way of self worth, but the worth of your time, the worth of energy you burn in chasing your goals. Are these goals still in alignment with where you want to go? Or do you feel like the juice is no longer worth the squeeze? Take a break from the hustle culture as you make time for activities that nourishes your heart and soul. So, what does March 2023 have in store for the rest of the signs when it comes to career and life path? Let’s delve deeper!


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