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Majority of world’s billionaires have this zodiac sign in common, says study


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A zodiac sign leads most people believe that a person’s birth date influences his or her way of life. Science has categorically rejected this ancient concept, which is part of astrology, along with one such similar concept called palm reading. However, most of the world’s top billionaires share one zodiac sign – which western astrology refers to as an astrological sign – in common. According to Cashfloat, a UK-based lender, the zodiac sign ‘Libra’ appeared to be the most common among the world’s richest people.

From the 268 billionaires on Forbes’ Billionaires 2022 list, ’32’ belong to the are ‘Libra’ zodiac sign.

From the 268 billionaires on Forbes’ Billionaires 2022 list, ’32’ belong to the are ‘Libra’ zodiac sign accounting for 12% of the total. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the 12 signs of the zodiac. According to astronomy, each sign was named after a constellation that the sun passed through on its annual journey across the sky. Libra is the seventh zodiac sign, assigned to people born between September 22 and October 23.

The survey highlighted ‘common zodiac sign’ saying that the world’s wealthiest have a common sunshine by using the birthdate information of the top billionaires.

Libra was followed by Pisces, which was shared by 29 people on the Forbes list, making it the ‘second-most common zodiac sign’ among billionaires. Pisces made up 11% of the total list.

Capricorn was the least successful star sign, with only 5.5% of billionaires belonging to it. In addition, Capricorn is the star sign of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who has topped the rich list for several years in a row.

Common zodiac signs among top billionaires

Libra – 12%

Pisces – 11%

Taurus – 10%

Leo – 9%

Aries – 8%

Virgo – 8%

Gemini – 8%

Aquarius – 7.5%

Cancer – 7.5%

Sagittarius – 7.5%

Scorpio – 6%

Capricorn 5.5%

Zodiac signs of World’s top-10 richest people

Bernard Arnault & family (net worth: $214.9 billion) ZODIAC: Pisces

Elon Musk (net worth: $198.2 billion) ZODIAC: Cancer

Jeff Bezos (NETWORTH: $120.4 billion) ZODIAC: Capricorn

Larry Ellison (NETWORTH: $112.3 billion) ZODIAC: Leo

Warren Buffett (NETWORTH: $107.3 billion) ZODIAC: Virgo

Bill Gates (NETWORTH: $107.0 billion) ZODIAC: Scorpio

Carlos Slim Helu & family (NETWORTH: $90.7 billion) ZODIAC: Aquarius

Mukesh Ambani (NETWORTH: $86.0 billion) ZODIAC: Aries

Steve Ballmer (NETWORTH: $83.1 billion) ZODIAC: Aries

Larry Page (NETWORTH: $82.0 billion) ZODIAC: Aries

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