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Your partnerships are getting an overhaul, Libra, and it’s about damn time! April opens smack in the middle of high eclipse season, a two-week period that began on March 25 with a lunar eclipse in YOUR sign. You’re probably still riding the waves of that potent full moon, which put the spotlight on you and your personal passions and priorities.

Admittedly, that may have been a bit uncomfortable for you. By nature, Libras are collaborators, so being so starkly “solo” can make you feel exposed and out of your depth. Hopefully, though, it also showed how capable you are on your own. Even if you choose to team up with others, you don’t NEED to, a key difference that the eclipses are here to underscore.

And just in time, Libra. Each April, relationships are the headline theme for you as the Sun makes its annual rounds through Aries (this year until April 19) and Taurus, the two most committed and partner-centric zones of your chart. 

This year, Aries AND Taurus season will feature rare planetary events: a total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 and a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20 (a meetup that only happens every 14 years!) in Taurus. We’ll cover both topics in this forecast, fear not.

But first things first: Mercury retrograde. The three-times-a-year, signal-scrambling cycle is happening again from April 1 to 25. It’s not an April Fool’s Day joke, Libra. The planet of travel, communication and technology is passing the Earth in its journey ‘round the Sun, which can cause our relationships and devices—and best-laid plans—to go haywire.

With retrogrades, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It also helps to appreciate their silver lining: They’re “review periods” during which we can press pause, catch up where we’ve fallen behind and correct course if we’ve drifted from our mission. Retrogrades turn our attention to the past, revealing areas of our lives where we have unfinished business to handle. 

Mercury retrograde will be shining the inspector’s light in Aries and your seventh house of committed relationships, contracts and mutuality. It might feel like a double dose of Mercury mayhem at times, with people changing their minds, deals rife with red tape and weird clauses, and your own Libra indecisiveness going into overdrive. 

Since retrogrades can bring back people from the past, a former love or an old flame could resurface. Maybe the second (or third, or fourth…) time around could be the charm. But it could also be a test, an opportunity for you to see how far you’ve come since you used to get hooked by this person’s promises or manipulative heartstring tugs. Take it slow and observe them in various situations to make sure they’ve actually changed.

Maybe there was plenty of compatibility between you but the circumstances and timing didn’t line up. Or one of you needed to go through a little more life experience before you could truly be ready for the long-haul connection. 

Anything and everything is on the table this month, which brings us to…the total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8. This supercharged new (super)moon eclipse will be joined by the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the karmic north node AND a near-exact conjunction of healer-feeler Chiron, all in Aries. Ready or not, your partnerships are getting a massive infusion of cosmic energy!

Dynamic duos: incoming? When you least expect it, the solar eclipse could serve up an offer to join forces that merits serious consideration. Eclipses make things happen lightning-fast, and this one could exceed the typical Libra speed limit by a LOT. While a standard new moon takes up to six months to unfold, you could start exploring whether this partnership is a win-win scenario right away.

This month is also ideal for repairing your longtime (and long-term) relationships through honest dialogue and conscious connection. With Mercury retrograde and healing Chiron in Aries, you might tread into delicate terrain. Don’t shy away from topics that feel uncomfortable. Summon the courage to lean in to those even more.

Just make sure you’re being as vulnerable as you’re asking the other person to be, Libra. It’s only fair! Check out resources from the Gottman Institute to help you strengthen your skills when it comes to actively listening and navigating conflict without escalating tensions. 

Ready for a respite? Take a break from all the “people energy” starting April 19, when the Sun begins its monthlong visit to Taurus and your private, intimate eighth house. Slip off the radar a bit and focus on one special person or a project that needs your undivided attention. 

A sexy someone could captivate your attention during this sizzling solar cycle, but take the Mercury-retrograde precautions and conduct due diligence before you get completely swept away! And it could happen at warp speed once again because on April 20, expansive Jupiter and radical changemaker Uranus will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Taurus, firing up this erotic zone. 

Jupiter and Uranus only align every 14 years, and their last time connecting in Taurus was in May 1941. It could literally be a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so expect the unexpected. 

The eighth house rules joint ventures, investments and shared financial resources.  Get ready: a windfall could be incoming! An innovative or entrepreneurial idea could get #blessed with funding, or you could attract the perfect VIP collaborator and explore joining forces. 

Have you been pondering a move or a real estate purchase? Look outside of your usual listings and even locations. With global Jupiter and trailblazing Uranus in the mix, an up-and-coming town or district might have a deal you fall in love with, much to your surprise.

With innovative Uranus and expansive Jupiter both in Taurus, you could have a major epiphany about your life purpose or do some groundbreaking emotional work that sets you up for more freedom. Step one: Distance yourself from anyone who routinely drains your energy and dumps their problems on you. With the Sun in this transformational sector, it’s imperative that you cut those unhealthy cords. From lust to trust, everything’s up for a root-level transformation.

A powerful money moment arrives on April 23, when the year’s only Scorpio full moon illuminates your second house of work and finances. La luna could bring a career turning point or an eye-opening insight about how to better manage your money. At this confidence-boosting full moon, valuing yourself is key. 

Shoulders back, head high: When you believe in the merit of what you’re offering, others will respond in kind. Just make sure that whatever you attach your name to reflects the highest quality and standards. Your reputation is the foundation for any success, and the full moon reminds you of that!

Passion or practicality? You could crave a bit of both extremes in April. After spending the first quarter of 2024 in close connection, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will finally part ways this month. From April 5 to 29, your ruling planet Venus will move through fiery Aries, while Mars lingers in watery Pisces until April 30. 

Vixen Venus is busy spicing up your seventh house of committed relationships. And she’s hardly alone! Several other cosmic influences are here this month: the Sun (until April 19), Mercury (which is in dicey retrograde April 1 to 25), the karmic north node and healing Chiron. On April 8, a total solar eclipse in Aries could bring a brand-new relationship into your life out of the blue. 

You may have a vastly different lens on love as the eclipse sweeps through your partnership sector, giving you a wide-angle view on romance and partnership. Never thought you’d be attracted to THAT type of person? Surprise! At an eclipse, expect the unexpected.

A couple of warnings. First, Mercury retrograde in Aries can bring back an ex or cause old romantic drama to flare. Second, watch for a critical streak. With intense Mars in Pisces and your analytical sixth house, your flaw finder could be turned up to maximum settings. Picking yourself apart or playing life coach for your partner rarely produce a positive outcome. Watch for perfectionism and anxious behaviors creeping into your love life. 

Make de-stressing and healthy pursuits a shared activity if you’re in a relationship. Take a sweet stroll through the farmer’s market and pick up seasonal veggies for a meal you create together. Plan a hike or a bike ride. Time in nature will feel restorative and romantic. Single? This is a time to double down on your self-care. The more you treat your mind, body and spirit like a temple, the less you’ll be willing to settle for anything less than that from a partner.

Dynamic duos get a burst of momentum this month as the Sun visits Aries until April 19, heating up your partnership sector. Negotiating an offer? Take extra time and care to read the fine print since Mercury is retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25. You could easily miss key details of a contract or sign on for something you don’t fully understand. Go through every term of a proposed contract if you’re at that phase. Still hashing out a possible collab? Spell out what you’re looking for in detail. There’s no rush to sign on the dotted line just yet, so take your time and make sure everyone is clear about the terms.

The April 8 total solar eclipse in assertive Aries could bring a partnership that you couldn’t possibly have seen coming. All the more reason to take your time. Eclipses not only bring mind-blowing surprises, but their impact can reverberate for up to a month before and after. See what comes in between now and the next full moon on May 23.

The April 20 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus will also supercharge your eighth house of wealth and investments. With the planets of luck and innovation uniting in this abundant zone, a windfall could be headed your way. Need funding for a project? Your perfect investor could arrive. Looking to sell property or buy real estate? Out of the blue, an opportunity could arise. And you won’t have to look far or do much (if anything) to manifest it—the Libra ideal! Just keep an open mind, heart and energetic field to receive the abundance. This could get interesting fast.

Love Days: 4, 8

Money Days:14, 23

Luck Days: 12, 21

Off Days: 19, 10

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