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Juan Carlos Ferrero: “Novak Djokovic is the man to beat”


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The rapid rise of Carlos Alcaraz, the Big Three, the dominance of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. This is what former world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero talked about in an interview with Essentiallysports.com. The coach talked about the confrontation that his tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz, has to hold up with his more successful compatriot Rafael Nadal, especially after winning a Grand Slam at a very young age, exactly like the twenty-two times Grand Slam champion.

He told: “Nadal won two Grand Slams last year. This is a lot. If he continues to be competitive, he’s in no hurry to retire. He is playing less, but if he continues to be competitive when he does, why should we talk about retirement? I hope Carlos can compete as much as possible with Rafa and Novak.

He will make it better. He regrets not being able to compete against Roger Federer. Me too.” Comparison that will also be possible this year against Novak Djokovic, who will play all three Grand Slams: “We will try to find our way.

There are other great players that Carlos will have to stop if he is to win another Grand Slam. Obviously Djokovic is the main opponent to beat.”

The relationship with Alcaraz

In the same interview, Ferrero explained how the professional relationship with Carlos Alcaraz was born: above all, because the Spaniard chose the current coach’s academy and not that of his father.

He explained: “Carlos’ father runs a club in Murcia. The school is beautiful and they teach well. He’s quite good and led Carlos’ training when he was young, but he tries to differentiate himself. He separates his work and his son’s development from him being a father.

I think he is smart. When Carlos was evolving and ready for the leap, he gave us that trust. A place where his son has been able to adequately develop all aspects of his tennis,” said the former Spanish tennis player. Last joke on the Big Three: who is the Goat: “All of them have achieved amazing things.

It’s crazy to think about everything they’ve done. It is a question without a right answer. I love it.”

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