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Italy’s Digital Nomad visa enables foreigners reside, work as freelancers for 12 months renewable


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The Italian government has launched a digital nomad visa enabling third-country nationals, such as Nigerians to perform highly-skilled work as a freelancer in Italy, or work remotely in Italy for an employer who is based outside the country for up to 12 months which can be renewed.

This new visa category was approved and signed into law in March 2024 and takes effect in the month of April 2024.

It provides an immigration pathway for remote workers, which was previously not available, but is uncertain if these foreign nationals can take up local employment in Italy.

While this visa doesn’t directly guarantee a permanent stay, it could be a first step in that direction for those interested in settling down in the country.

According to this new policy, applicants must earn over three times the minimum level required for exemption from health care participation expenses, have comprehensive health insurance, demonstrate accommodation in Italy, and possess six months of digital nomad or remote work experience.

Other requirements

Nairametrics learns that this visa category is valid for up to a year and can be renewed annually with continued eligibility. Also,  eligible applicants must demonstrate an income of €2,335, which translates to roughly €28,000 annually.

They must also possess comprehensive health insurance for the duration of their stay, provide proof of accommodation in Italy, and have at least six months of experience as a digital nomad or remote worker.

How to make an application

Nigerians and any other foreign nationals who are interested are required to submit their visa applications to the Italian consulate.

  • Upon approval and entry into Italy, they must apply for a residence permit within eight days.
  • Non-Italians employed by foreign companies must furnish a signed declaration from their employer and provide an official police record confirming no criminal convictions.
  • Dependents, typically spouses and children under 18, of Digital Nomad Visa holders are eligible to apply for family residence permits in Italy.
  • Spouses can engage in local employment under the family residence permit.

In the wake of stricter immigration policies by the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, this new visa category appears to present a good opportunity for Nigerians interested in remote work which also provides the ability to reside in an European country.



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