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Italy Euro 2024: Spalletti’s first press conference live


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Follow Luciano Spalletti’s first press conference from Coverciano live as Italy begin preparation for Euro 2024.

The Azzurri met at the Federal training centre in the morning to begin training ahead of the continental competition.

Spalletti will be talking to reporters from 14:30 CET. Football Italia is among the accredited media at Coverciano and will report the CT’s words live. Later today, players will train for the first time ahead of Euro 2024.

Spalletti has called 30 players in his preliminary squad, but Gianluca Scamacca and Giorgio Scalvini will join the team on June 3 after Atalanta‘s last game of the season against Fiorentina.

Francesco Acerbi was forced out due to a groin injury so the Inter star has been replaced by Federico Gatti.

Spalletti will name the final 26-man squad list on Thursday, May 6.

The Azzurri will play two friendly games before leaving for Germany. Against Turkey in Bologna on June 4 and against Bosnia and Herzegovina in Empoli on June 9.

Follow Spalletti’s first press conference live below.

“We are preparing it; it’s almost ready. We must forget that we are wealthy and have everything available. Sometimes, we must tell our children certain things to avoid certain vices. This can be a way to spend time.

“We must be prepared to do our best because if things don’t go well, we won’t be at fault. It would mean we’ve met someone who is better than us.

“My heart is already beating thinking about what we will experience. I want to see happy people. We want people to be satisfied when we return and we want to touch this emotion.”

“I was sorry to leave him out. He has quality and is a very nice person. At the same time, I must keep an eye on the form and what this team may lack overall.”

Spalletti had previously compared Bonaventura to Bellingham.

“To me, he has even more things than Bellingham,” continued the coach.

“In terms of quality and technically. I will always stand by him. I will always stand by my players. Of course, we’ve all seen Bellingham’s physical and mental strength. Bonaventura has technical quality, but I think he was a bit tired and I may need something different. He remains part of this group.”

“Does he deserve the shirt more than Barella, Pellegrini or Cristante? On the pitch (with Inter), he benefitted from the team’s strength. He has merits, but he must improve technically and in terms of the tidiness of the play. However, he is tough, very available and he is part of this group, but it’s not guarantee that I will give him a shirt (as a starter) because he scored six goals with Inter.”

Locatelli and Spalletti’s emotions

“Yeah, I was rushed into this role, I could have had more time, but it’s the same for everyone and I think I have everything to do what I want here.

“I am sorry for those who have remained at home, but I think those who are here are the best available, and of course, I have the responsibility of what will happen, but responsibility gives me happiness. I have all I need. The federation was available for all my requests, including the one of the fantastic No.10 + him (Buffon), he is another No.10 even if he played in goal.”

LOCATELLI – “It’s another disappointment I have. I will have little reactions when I meet him again, if not the disappointment. the other day, I received an award for my career, and that is the sum of the love I’ve given to all my footballers. They’ve given me a lot and I’ve done the same. Locatelli is a true professional with exceptional defensive qualities. He has a good foot when it comes to doing certain things, but he is too conservative for how the role is evolving. But he will be back here and I apologise again for not calling him.”

“I am ready, I’ve tried to organise everything and what we will face on the pitch. It’s all organised. Let’s see if these will match the needs we’ll have in games. I am very happy and I am eager to be up to the task, like the footballers.”

Most exciting thing about the Euros

“It’s the emotion we will live. All these nice thoughts from the fans, we must be worthy of it. Managing all these emotions will be the most exciting thing.

“Then play a competition where we will meet the best teams in Europe.”

“Folorunsho starts from the right, Frattesi loves to get there, but he can also score goals. Folorunsho is more similar to a trequartista, and Frattesi is a central midfielder.

“Orsolini? We have not been lucky with wingers. There have been a few injuries. Chiesa knows how to play everywhere. He’s a player who has that spark that sometimes you don’t know where it’s coming from. He can play on the right, he can also stay in the middle even if he prefers to play wide. Chiesa must be isolated, he must not have too many players around him because it is in the space and in one-v-one situations that he really shows his quality.”

What did he tell the team today? Differences between Fagioli and Ricci?

“They are similar in many ways. To me, Ricci has improved thanks to Torino. He can be quite aggressive and he likes the contact with the opponent to win the ball. Fagioli is more of a classic (Regista). He’s so delightful that he sees things that others don’t see. Both are strong players.”

“I told the team today that we had to show the pride of wearing this shirt. We must show that we are privileged and that we want to fight together. A big champion we have, Buffon, also gave a speech revealing one thing that happened to him during the World Cup If he wants, he will tell you what he said.”

“I think Gasperini worked on him and has built something different. He’s been working with him daily, so it’s easier. Italians are accustomed to working hard. In some ways, I didn’t like Scamacca so this is why I didn’t call him in March. If one doesn’t give more than his all, it’s hard to meet the best. However, he has shown improvement, goals, and consistency, and I think Atalanta benefits from it, too. Scamacca has a bit of everything, but he is a bit lazy. Perhaps he has changed, but we are all happy to see what he can offer us. I am the first one to be happy with his performances.”

Acerbi out means change of system?

“We don’t want something rigid, we want to be quite fluid to give freedom to our talented players and be organised at the same time. We want to know how to do all things. Here at Coverciano, they are teaching us that there are no longer static systems. We’ll play against teams that use 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, but we can’t have a numerical disadvantage in midfield. We will try to defend with four men and build up with three. The best teams know how to do this and be unpredictable.”

Captain and final 26-man squad

“We will take into account what we need, we wanted to bring two or three extra players to have a chance to replace a surprise. Without Acerbi, we lose an experienced player, who was part of a defensive block (Inter) that could give us something. However, it’s not guaranteed that I’ll cut strikers or midfielders. We have many defenders, it could be in any role and it will be a painful decision. At my age, I’ve become emotional and making these decisions kills me, but it’s part of my duties.”

CAPTAIN – “It remains Donnarumma, then we’ll evaluate day by day. For now it’s Donnarumma.”

First question on Acerbi and Zaniolo (injured) and Fagioli

ACERBI – “We know we can pick many different players, so if we already think about those who are not here, it’s not a good start. Let’s try to have all it takes to do well.

FAGIOLI  -“Fagioli, first of all, it’s a technical choice. Fagioli has that quality and creativity and we want to have as many things as possible to keep the ball on the pitch. The field will say if we made the right decision. On a personal level, humanly, the lad said beautiful things. I talked to him on the day of the Coppa Italia Final in Rome, and luckily Juventus were there so I spent time with him, and he made a good impression on me.

“If we evaluate his sins, I think he deserves a bit of understanding. He didn’t bet on his things. He bet because he could not defend himself from this temptation, but it was purely a technical choice.”

ZANIOLO -” to me, is a strong player, but I hope I can find his characteristics in other players.”

“Today, we’ll make a picture with a motto: ‘The Azzurri unite us – always.” It’s a picture with all the players called up and 20 kids wearing the shirts of all Serie A clubs. It’s also a way to thank the clubs for their availability, including allowing us to have as many players as possible here.”

“First of all, thanks for being here. It’s a pleasure to meet you again for me and all my staff members.”

Spalletti is here, shaking hands with all reporters, one by one.

Press conference is about to begin

The press conference will start at 14:30 CET (13:30 UK time).

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