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Italian world’s most attractive language: Babbel’s survey


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Italian language becomes the sexiest language. — AFP File

Have you ever pondered which language possesses the elusive quality of allure, capturing hearts and captivating minds? 

In a recent linguistic revelation, a survey by the language learning platform Babbel has shaken the linguistic hierarchy, declaring Italian as the world’s most attractive language, dethroning the erstwhile champion, French.

Delving into the opinions of 6,000 participants across the globe, the survey sought to unravel the perceptions of languages in terms of their sexiness, romanticism, and passion. The results, as reported by the Daily Mail, spotlight Italian’s ascent to the top spot, leaving French in its wake.

But what exactly lends Italian this newfound appeal? 

According to Noël Wolf, a Babbel language teacher, it’s the musical quality inherent in the rise and fall of pitch in spoken Italian that captivates many. “Certain phonetic features, such as the rolling of ‘r’ sounds, can be distinctive in Italian, which to many is regarded as charming or attractive,” Wolf explained.

The survey’s intrigue doesn’t stop there – German emerged as the “most direct” language, while British English was hailed as the “most polite” by the diverse pool of respondents.

This linguistic shift prompts us to reflect on the fluid nature of language preferences. Notably, Babbel’s earlier survey in 2017 bestowed the title of “sexiest accent” upon French, revealing the ever-changing dynamics of linguistic appeal. Patti Adank, a linguist from University College London, shed light on English speakers’ inclination towards the melodic cadence of languages like French and Italian, as opposed to tonal languages like Thai or Mandarin, which may sound harsh and unexpected.

As languages jostle for supremacy in the realm of allure, a fascinating development emerges on the linguistic horizon – the rise of “Miami English.” 

Originating from the vibrant cultural tapestry of South Florida and popularized by Hispanic youth born in America, this dialect seamlessly intertwines English words into Spanish forms, reflecting the evolving linguistic landscape.

In this age of linguistic exploration, we find ourselves on a journey through the enchanting sounds and rhythms that languages offer. 

So, what do you think makes a language truly captivating? Is it the melodic quality of Italian or the polite charm of British English? 

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