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Italian Open: Taylor Fritz’s Girlfriend Morgan Riddle Exposes Beau’s Bizarre Superstition in a Cheeky Message


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Like any other sportsmen, tennis players too have their superstitions that bring them the confidence to win matches. Be it legendary Bjorn Borg’s famous Wimbledon superstition that left him unshaven for the tour to Serena Williams’s habit of using the same bag, same shower, and tying the shoe laces the same way before her matches, superstition is as crucial as a perfectly presented volley for the ATP and WTA stars. Now Taylor Fritz also joins the list as his girlfriend Morgan Riddle reveals his “same spot every night” moment with his fans.

Morgan Riddle shared some snippets from her recent visit to Rome to accompany her tennis player boyfriend Taylor Fritz. Riddle’s talented boyfriend bagged a victory against Fabio Fognini at the fifth main draw of the tournament. However, that is not the main discussion here. Riddle shared a photo on her Instagram story of Fritz enjoying his meal, which has garnered a lot of spotlight from the media. Revealing an interesting detail about the American ATP star, Riddle wrote- “the face of a mf who makes us come to dinner at the same spot every single night because he gets superstitous” From this famous social media influencer’s caption, it wasn’t hard for fans to understand that nervous about his clay court skills, Fritz has become a tad bit superstitious.

While Morgan Riddle took a sarcastic dig at her boyfriend, she mentioned having the same attitude toward things in an interview with The Cut. While saying “I’m not incredibly superstitious”, Riddle mentioned how she “wore his (Taylor) socks during that whole tournament” in Indian Wells this year when Fritz played against Nadal. Since Fritz was able to defeat the Spanish tennis legend, his girlfriend received some ideas from here. ‘I’ve thought about doing that again ” she said.


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However, she said once that Fritz’s coach Michael Russell’s wife is more believer in these things than Riddle. “Like his coach’s wife, her name is Lily. She always wears black to match us because she’s super superstitious about it ” said Riddle.

Morgan Riddle’s story also highlighted Taylor Fritz’s lack of confidence in the clay court. “I’m never going to be the best clay-court player, but the joke is obviously that everyone is expecting me to be awful on clay and not win a lot of matches on clay, Obviously, most guys have been playing on it since they were kids, so they’ve had double the time playing on it, so naturally, it’s going to take time to figure it all out.”

While fans are surprised to hear Fritz’s unique superstition about his matches in Rome, they should know that like Fritz many ATP and WTA players practice rituals that help them be confident. For example, Grigor Dimitrov’s revelations during the Miami Open tour showcased a different side of the ATP star.


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Like Taylor Fritz, Grigor Dimitrov and Coco Gauff also has their pre-match routine

During Dimitrov’s Miami Open tour, he revealed his obsession with horoscopes. He also mentioned reading his astrological information every morning. “I love reading the horoscope every morning. I love doing that,” said Dimitrov. This ATP star surprised the fraternity when he revealed this particular habit that he follows without fail. Apart from Dimitrov, American WTA star Coco Gauff also stick to a fixed routine before every big match.

After years of following the same pre-match pasta routine, Coco Gauff now consistently omits one ingredient before a significant match or competition. The 19-year-old tennis player no longer adds mushrooms to her pasta before a big match –“I do love mushrooms in pasta, I just don’t eat them pre-match,” she said.


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“They make my stomach kind of hurt a little bit, but also, I don’t know if it’s just in my head too sometimes,” Gauff added with a laugh. “I’m usually not superstitious — just with that.”

Nevertheless, fans are delighted for Morgan Riddle’s little initiatives to bring an inside image of their favorite tennis star’s personality. Given that Fritz also believes that his “forehand is great for clay,” lets hope that he will manage to bring Rome’s trophy home.

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