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Italian Open: Aryna Sabalenka Screams an Expletive as Local Cuisine Discussion Attracts Her Unfiltered Side


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In a surprising turn of events, Aryna Sabalenka found herself baffled not by the game but by an unexpected conversation about food. Amidst the intensity of tournaments and the focus on her game, the 26-year-old’s love for food remains an intriguing aspect of her persona. And, just like in Rome, she screams an expletive while discussing the joys of eating pasta and pizza.

Along with enjoying her time in Rome, Aryna Sabalenka is having a great Italian Open campaign. The two-time Australian Open champion is enjoying the savory treats the city has to offer, especially her favorite pasta dishes, even if she went sugar-free for the competition.

Aryna Sabalenka screams a curse while discussing food


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After reaching the fourth round of the tournament, in an interview with Tennis Channel, she talked about the savory food cravings that she is fulfilling in Rome. She said, “So far, pasta. I could eat pizza, I would eat pizza everyday but I mean I need something a little bit healthier you know so I go for Pizza ohh pasta, ******.”  

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While she herself unknowingly screamed out a curse word, she later also joked about it with the interviewer, Prakash Amritraj. “I was holding myself so good and I screw up at the end,” she said. “I get so excited when I talk about food.” While she went for a simpler choice then Pizza to keep her calories in count. 

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The second-ranked tennis player in the world goes into depth about the pasta meals that she currently prefers in Rome. Sabalenka mentioned, “I would go for carbonara with truffle or the red pasta with like spicy red pasta with meat, so good.” The Australian Open champion shared her daily ritual during the Indian Wells event, highlighting that she starts her day with an açai bowl for breakfast.

She said, “Most of the time I go for Oakberry bowl; I think it’s healthy and a good thing to start your day.” Not only that, he also emphasizes how it contains,  “everything you [want]: protein, carbs, vitamins, fruit. It’s like an energy bowl, so I feel ready to go after I have it. It’s the perfect snack, or meal.”


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In the same conversation during the Italian Open, she also talked about her dream snack, which she wants to eat once the tournament is over.

Sabalenka shared her big bowl of ‘dream snack’

Despite the allure of Rome’s well-known gelato, the 26-year-old tennis star decided to abstain from sugar in order to concentrate on winning the championship. She laughed out at why the interviewer started the conversation of sweet delights, as she wouldn’t be able to fulfill her sweet cravings.


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She said, “Why do you make me want it? I’m not allowed to eat sugar during the tournament.” Along with that, she also highlighted her favorite flavors that she would like to have in a single bowl. She added, “Stracciatella, pistachio, vanilla. I would go for all them, like a big bowl of gelatos. Dream snack.”

Nevertheless, what do you think about Sabalenka’s food cravings? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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