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Italian Cheeses from the Best Producers on EuropaFood – Daily Business


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If you love Italian cuisine, try to cook the best recipes in your kitchen with EuropaFood. Pizza, lasagne, pasta, and many other delicious dishes have become so popular thanks to the use of different types of cheeses. The online store offers Italian cheeses from the best producers. Thanks to the ideal climate for keeping animals, Italian milk and cheeses have a special unique taste that you can enjoy in one of the London EuropaFood physical stores or order products online.

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Home Delivery Products from EuropaFood

Thanks to a wide range of products of more than 6,000 items, you can cook and enjoy any dish of national European cuisines. And you don’t even have to look for suitable products in numerous stores. Just make a list of the ingredients from your recipe and order them online. Here, you can select any flavour shade from a variety of alternative products. Delivery is possible not only in London or Great Britain but also in the countries of the European Union. Buy Italian cheeses and many other authentic products from a real expert in the national cuisines of Europe.

Most Popular and Rare Types of Italian Cheeses at EuropaFood

A huge variety of cheeses is explained by the different recipes for their preparation and their resulting properties. In addition, it is essential to consider the conditions in which the animal is kept, what it eats, how much light is available in a certain climatic region, and so on. In this regard, Italy knows no equal, as you can see by tasting the following cheeses offered at EuropaFood.

  • Cow mozzarella from well-known producers MozzaBella, Casa Azurra, and Galbani and a special variety of buffalo mozzarella from Diforti and La Maison du Fromage.
  • Grated cheese Parmesan produced according to unique ancestral recipes. Parmigiano Reggiano is made only in the North of Italy and requires a long maturation of up to 3 years. Grated Parmesan has delicious fruit and nut flavour and a sharp spicy note. By purchasing this exclusive product at a low price from EuropaFood, you will appreciate such long aging.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes with Gran Moravia cheese prepared according to a unique family recipe. The basil, oregano, chilli peppers, and mint used in the cooking give this delicious dish a special flavour.
  • Original Pecorino Romano salty hard cheese made from fresh sheep’s milk.
  • Famous Italian whey cheese Ricotta produced in the Southern regions. It has a sweetish flavour and is also used in many dishes as a filling or topping.
  • The perfect for cooking cheese made from the finest cow’s milk cream called Mascarpone. It is used in a variety of dishes, from the sweetest cakes and tiramisu to soups. It also fits perfectly on sandwiches and is indispensable in the preparation of snacks.
  • Original blue-veined cheese Gorgonzola with a creamy soft flavour. It is prepared using penicillium spores and special enzymes. Cheese is famous for its rich history dating back to the Middle Ages.
  • Grated cheese made from lactose-free whole sheep’s milk from Diforti. The product is distinguished by its rich flavour and spicy notes.

The Advantages of Buying Italian Cheeses at EuropaFood

  • You will be able to discover different national cuisines with EuropaFood products. Buy French food online to compare how famous French cheeses differ from Italian ones.
  • Thanks to a regularly updated range of products, we will always find something to please and surprise you.
  • If you own a store, a restaurant, or just stock up on groceries for your family, you can make orders at wholesale prices thanks to great discounts.
  • EuropaFood offers all products at a low cost thanks to direct contact with manufacturers.
  • The online store cooperates only with the best brands, whose product quality meets all regulatory requirements.
  • Orders over £50 in London and £70 outside it will be delivered free of charge.

Call or visit us to find out about the best cheese novelties from Italy, France, and other countries. Italy produces more than 450 types of cheeses, the best of which you will always find in our store!

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