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Horse racing, undersecretary La Pietra (Masaf): “Piazza di Siena competition, a prestigious showcase for winning over new enthusiasts”


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“The Piazza di Siena Competition is a prestigious showcase in which we intend to enhance the Italian horse and for this reason in the context of the 91st CSIO of Piazza di Siena, which represents one of the most famous international competitions in the world in the equestrian sports sector, the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE) has planned the Young Horse Master Talent, reserved for the best Italian 6 and 7 year olds, in which MASAF also actively participates. On this occasion we want to present to the equestrian sports public the initiative for the promotion and valorisation of the horse racing sector called “Palio delle Regioni”, a horse racing circuit promoted by MASAF with the aim of highlighting, from the point of view of communication and involvement of new public, the values ​​of horse racing and the specificities of the territories, in order to create a synergy between nature, culture, sport, tourism, tradition and the horse racing competitions most rooted in the territory and in the culture of the horse, as well as the food and wine linked to the Made in Italy. Masaf’s attention towards horse racing is 360 degrees in the true sense of the word, as also demonstrated by the initiative “Beyond the obstacle of the end of career: a project for the valorization of racehorses”, whose objective is that of giving a dignified future to racehorses who have finished their competitive activity on the track and offering them “a new life” by highlighting the qualities for which they are possibly predisposed, overcoming the obstacle of the end of their career. We are paying general attention to horse racing and all equestrian sports, which we want to encourage in multiple forms, recreating that enthusiasm and curiosity that have always surrounded the world of horse racing and horses, also determining the conditions, for example, to have welcoming, modern racecourses, open to various possibilities of interconnected experiences, so as to be able to attract new enthusiasts, who for various reasons had never had the opportunity to dedicate a day to discovering the incredible relationship between man and horse. A special, unique relationship, which unique events such as the Piazza di Siena Competition have the merit of celebrating at the highest levels.” This is what the undersecretary of Masaf, senator, declares Patrick La Pietra (in the picture).

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