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Horoscope Today: March 11, 2023


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Accept that everything is impermanent, Gemini, including life itself. Accept that as you evolve, you will grow out of the things that you once considered imperative to your survival. Accept that the dreams you dreamed when you were younger will one day lose their shine. Such is the trajectory of life. And sometimes, this change takes place without a warning, which is something you are likely to experience in your reality today. But, courage is *not* the absence of fear, Leo. We repeat: courage is not the absence of fear. So, take a moment to observe all the ways in which you’re being called to grow and move. The unknown is where the magic is at and the unknown is what you’re being called to step into. Libra, you’re in the mood to tap into your inner priest(ess)/shaman, to look beyond the veil and to traverse through the subtle realms. You’re in the mood to step into the portal of magic and to discover the mysteries by way of direct experience. Some of you may be feeling drawn towards the world of Ayurveda or plant medicine. Word of warning: half-knowledge is dangerous. Take time out to educate yourself on the given subject or to train under a mentor who inspires the best in you, beautiful.

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