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Horoscope Today, February 29: Scorpio to make plans with family; know about other zodiac signs


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Horoscope Today February 29 2024: Today is the fifth day of Phalgun Krishna Paksha and Thursday. Panchami Tithi will pass the whole day and night on Thursday till 6.21 am tomorrow and there will be Vriddhi Yoga till 5.55 pm. Also, Chitra Nakshatra will remain till 10.22 am today. After that, Swati Nakshatra will appear. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how the day of 29 February 2024 will be for you and by what measures you can make this day better. 


It will be a great day for you. Today you will get full support from family members. Especially that the love of elders towards you will remain. Also, children will be happy with you. Today you can think about starting some new work. You will also talk about this in your family. Family members will support you. Students of this zodiac sign will be eager to learn something new from their teachers. Today you will help your spouse in household chores. Also, the children will be consulted by their guru for their careers.


Your day will be favourable for you. Today you will get what you wanted for many days. Today, if any of your deteriorating work gets completed, there will be continuity in work, and due to this, you have a chance of getting good benefits in future. Today you will plan to go somewhere with your parents. You will see enthusiasm within you. Your neighbours will appreciate your good behaviour. People of this zodiac sign who are involved in religious activities may get a chance to attend a big function today. People there will respect you from now on.


It will be a good day for you. Today you will earn virtue by serving someone. Today your day may be full of busyness. But you will go to some quiet place to spend the evening peacefully. Today you will repay the loan taken from someone, which will reduce your tension. Today is an auspicious day for women of this zodiac sign who are involved in business. The work done by you will be appreciated. Married life is going to be good. Express your independent thoughts. At this time, it would be better to stay away from disputes instead of getting into disputes with those with whom you live.


Your day will be full of happiness. Whatever work you start today, you will complete it on time. Your juniors will learn something new from your efficiency. The student’s mind will remain focused on studies. People of this zodiac sign who want to start a business should first take advice from an expert, then they will get good profits in future. An old friend of yours may also come to meet you. People doing online business will get a big order today. Students will concentrate on their studies. Businessmen of this zodiac sign can become partners in such a project today, that changes the direction of their career. It may be possible and you have been searching for it for a long time.


It is a good day for you. Today you can go to the market to buy some new things. Today your mind will be excited about doing some new work. Preparing an outline before doing any work will make it much easier for you to complete the tasks. Today you will be praised in the office because of your good and hard work. Students will remain busy in their studies. Today is a good day for women who work from home. The day will be good in terms of health. If you offer Panjiri Prasad to God, it will be even better for your health.


It will be a happy day for you. This evening you will sit with your parents and make plans for the future. Whatever work you start today will be completed on time. You will discuss new ways of working with your colleagues. Father will ask you to do some important work, you will complete that work with full responsibility. Your father will feel proud of you. Today is the time for you to get results of the efforts you have made for your career and personal life for some time. Today you may achieve some big success.


Your day will be normal. Today, without expecting help from anyone, you will try to complete your work yourself. With this you will get better results. Your excellent thinking style and daily routine will further enhance your personality. Before making any kind of business investment, please consult an expert. Today you will be inclined towards spirituality to some extent. Today you will be interested in reading literary things, which may give you some new ideas to move ahead in your life. Today you may be confused about your goal, but the support of your loved ones will take you in the right direction.


It will be a good day for you. Today some important work going on in family life can be completed, keep your behavior positive. Today you can also think about the plans made for the future. You will also get help from family members in achieving your objectives. You will recognize the role of your family, friends and spouse in life. Today, there will be restraint and patience in your nature, due to which you will easily find solutions to all your problems. You may also have to go on a trip for some family work. One step taken by you today will shape your future.


It will be a great day for you. Today will be beneficial for business. There may be some better opportunities related to investment. New ideas will keep coming to you. Today is a very good day for planning and making decisions. Today you should pay full attention to your responsibilities. Try to complete every work with enthusiasm. Your efforts may soon bear fruit. Today your luck will support you. People looking for a job will get a job offer from a good company today. Today you will talk with an open mind and also try to understand the problems of others.


Your day will be full of happiness. Today you will feel like doing some new work. There are chances of double growth in business. Today, do your work with utmost care and also help others in every possible way. The financial situation will remain normal. Today will be a good day for your loved one. You will get love and support from your spouse. Today will be a good day for students. You can buy some new electronic goods today. Avoid getting caught in unnecessary controversies today. People doing wood-related business are going to get more profits than expected today.


It is going to be a good day. Keep your thinking positive today. Today you will be successful in completing old work in the office. Today, to appease your angry friend, you can give him your favourite gift. Think carefully before taking any decision today. You should avoid hurrying in any work. New happiness will come in married life. You will feel like partying with friends, you may get a gift of your choice from your lovemates today. Today new thoughts will come to your mind. If you have been thinking about planning a plan a long time ago. So you can start that plan today. You will also get full support from the family.


It will be a good day. Every person you meet today will be impressed by you. There will be support from family in business. Maintain control over your speech at the workplace. There will be a dilemma in your mind regarding your career, but it will soon be resolved. Your health will be better than before. Plans will be made to go out with the children. The discord already going on in married life will end with your initiative. Control your expenses today, so that you can save some money for the future. You may meet an old friend while travelling today

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