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Holi 2023: Different zodiac signs should offer these colours to the Gods on Holi to celebrate the festival


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Holi colours to be offered by different zodiacs

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Holi will be played on two days on March 7 and March 8 across India and the world. This is because of difference in the calendar.
Before playing Holi people should offer gulal to the Gods, a tradition which has been going on since ancient times. Worshipping the deities on Holi is considered very special because it is believed that the worship done on this day helps remove the defects from the horoscope of the different zodiac signs.

It is said that in astrology, planets have a very deep connection with colours. Therefore, before people start playing Holi, they should offer colors to the planetary lord of their zodiac. Red on to know the auspicious color for all 12 zodiac signs, which can be offered to the Gods.


Mars is the lord of both these zodiac signs. The color of Mars is red. That’s why worship the idol of Mangaldev in the morning on Holi and offer red gulal, red lentils, red cloth, red flowers. If you don’t have an idol of Mangaldev, offer red gulal on the Shivling, because this planet is worshiped in the form of Shivling.


These zodiac signs belong to the planet Venus. Venus is the brightest planet. Therefore, people belonging to these two zodiac signs should offer yellow or white gulal to Venus on Holi. Yellow-white gulal can also be offered on the Shivling.


The lord of these zodiac signs is Mercury. The color of Mercury is green. Worship Mercury and offer green gulal. The defects of the planet Mercury can also be removed by worshiping Ganesha. Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Durva.


The lord of this zodiac is the Moon. The color of the Moon is white. Worshipping Lord Shiva will help remove the defects of this planet. Devotees should offer water-milk to the shivling and also offer white gulal and abir.


This is the zodiac sign of the planet Sun. People beloging to this zodiac should begin their day by offering water to the Sun God. They can then offer red, yellow and orange gulal to the Sun God. By mixing the gulal of these particular colors with water, one can offer Arghya to the sun.


The lord of these two zodiac signs is Jupiter. Therefore, these people should offer yellow color on the Shivling. This planet is also worshiped in the form of Shivling.


Shani Dev is the master of these two zodiac signs. Blue color is especially dear to Shani Dev therefore he is called Neelvarna. That’s why the people of these two zodiac signs should offer blue, gulal to Shani Dev and anoint him with oil.

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