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Beautiful Italian island that’s a ‘cheaper’ version of the Amalfi Coast


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The Amalfi Coast. One of Italy’s best-loved and eye-catching holiday destinations. Sat on its rugged coastline sits picture postcard properties clambering up the rockface, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno.

Any mention of the iconic coastline conjures images of Italian luxury and exceptional cuisine in the southern Mediterranean sun.

But Amalfi’s stellar reputation for style and sophistication comes at a price – literally. For everything the stunning coastline offers, it costs a pretty penny to visit.

What’s more, it’s laden with tourists, all desperate to get a picture, a table or a hotel. As such, despite its beauty, a visit to the Amalfi Coast certainly has its drawbacks.

So, what’s the alternative? Enter: Ischia. Offering everything the Amalfi Coast does, without the throngs of tourists and exorbitant prices, the island of Ischia may well be heaven on earth.

The island sits in the Gulf of Naples, to the north of Amalfi. But it boasts gorgeous villas, in-keeping with the style of the region, and similarly stunning scenery.

You will almost certainly save on your hotel too. Unlike in Amalfi, Ischia isn’t dominated by international hoteliers, but independent boutique hotels. 

Perhaps the island’s biggest claim to fame is being featured in the 1999 modern classic The Talented Mr Ripley, featuring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. A scene in the movie was shot in Ristorante da Ciccio, one of the island’s many fantastic places to eat.

Visitors to Ischia have dubbed it Italy’s “best-kept secret”. One holidaymaker from Wales wrote of the idyllic island: “Visited Ischia for a week at the end of August/early September and it lived up to expectations. Beautiful island in the Bay of Naples where the experience can be summed up as Sorrento without the noise and bustle and Capri without the rip-off prices.

“Some great attractions including the exquisite La Mortella Gardens created for composer Sir William Walton, Ischia’s Casle which is the best I’ve ever visited and the Negombo Spa Park for some relaxation in hot thermal pools in the most beautiful setting.”

The reviewer continued, quipping: “Don’t know why I’m sharing this with you because the best thing about Ischia is that it doesn’t cater for the UK visitor market at all so no fast food joints, nowhere doing hair-braiding and fake tattoos and no loud-mouth embarrassing drunks in the bars and restaurants. It is very stylish and very much a destination for Italians.”

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