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Aquarius—Your March Horoscope Says You Have the Power to Change the World, Thanks to Pluto


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Spring has sprung and so has a new you, water-bearers! Your Aquarius horoscope for March 2023 marks a new stage full of self-discovery, practicality and ambition. You’re coming to the end of a long journey as Saturn in Aquarius finally comes to an end, which helped you learn how to build the confidence to be true to yourself. However, that’s only just the beginning of an even more meaningful chapter.

On March 7, Saturn—planet of karma and responsibility—slides its way into your second house of money and values, asking you to take a hard look at your sense of self-worth. You may feel like you’re not making enough progress. Maybe you didn’t make as much as you expected or you’re not getting the recognition you think you deserve. You’re working hard and you keep working harder and all you can think is: “Hey, what do I have to show for all of this?” As Saturn moves through your down-to-earth second house and you have time to work through these feelings, you will finally see what has been keeping you from achieving what you want.

When Mars—planet of drive and action—winks at steady and committed Saturn at the end of the month, a burst of ambition and energy will fill you up and allow you to take on any tasks that come your way. Passions that you haven’t acted on or have set aside for the time being are ignited again. You can pick up that guitar again, or that paintbrush, or that novel, or whatever it is and make something substantial and enduring. Be ready to work hard with discipline and patience and you will be surprised what you can accomplish. 

StyleCaster | Pluto Generation Dates: Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z, Baby Boomers

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On March 23, Pluto—one of the most powerful planets of all—will be dipping its toes into your first house of identity, where it will begin a transformation process that may affect your entire sense of self. This is just a taste of a very impactful transit since Pluto will leave a few months later. Regardless, the changes inside of you will act like magma, slowly churning and forming and evolving under you. You may find yourself using new mannerisms or trying a new look. People will find you intense, determined and confident, though you may feel inside like you’re rejected and minimized. Questions of power and control are on your mind as you wrestle with what is in your power and what you cannot control. Give this new you all the kindness you can, Aquarius—you’re ready to grow and blossom!

StyleCaster | The Manifest Issue 2023

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